Our Story

Over the last 4 decades, we at Graphick Stills have captured your life’s finest moments.

Our team of talented and passionate photographers are guided by the staunch leadership of Mr.A.P.S. Vijendran, with 40 years of sharply tuned expertise and finesse in the craft of photography.

Walking alongside Mr.Vijendran in this exuberant journey are his two incredibly dedicated and talented sons — Ajay & Yoga Vijendran , who are embarking on this quest to provide exceptional photography services with the unparalleled warmth and creativity unique to this family run business since 1982.

While Yoga has been passionate about photography from a young age, this versatile and talented sports enthusiast continues to explore his love for football!

We at Graphick Stills are driven by our desire to capture your greatest memories of your life, while you're out there creating them.

Adhering to the best of industry standards and always stepping up, we have an exquisite array of corporate clientele that reflect the exceptional standard of services we deliver.